Saturday, July 28, 2007

Links for Consultation Responses

For starters, read Ann's blog post which gives the history and context for the current consultation on elective home education guidelines. There is the vivid personal testimony too: the story of how the autonomous approach succeeded triumphantly where the schooling approach had failed. (Am not weeping again, Ann. Oh blast, Ok, I am.)

Zara explains via Sometimes it's Peaceful just why monitoring by the state would be so damaging for her education.

Then have a peek at Pete's annotated, rejigged guidelines. He has updated and made them more legal.

The report from the Norwich Home Educators Campaign Meeting, which includes a basic crib sheet for responses to the consultation.

Here is a Home Educator's response to the consultation which puts the case against state intrusion.

A response from home educators in Brighton and Hove, which came in as the 501st to the DCSF.

EO's version of the guidelines - a great improvement on the original!

31.07.07: 759 responses in.

Dani's response.

Gill's response.

My response.

The consultation ends TODAY. Tuesday 31st July). Get those responses in NOW.


Carlotta said...

Sorry Pete. Not familiar with this yet. Forgot to publish to the net. Done now.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the links. I still want to finish and send mine.

Anonymous said...

Instead of "by means other than" shouldn't the word be "otherwise".

If the guidelines are accepted, how guidelines would they be inserted in the law?

Carlotta said...

Hi Anon, am presuming you are talking about Pete's version...I guess that the thinking here is that stress that home education doesn't just take place in the home, and that the otherwise just doesn't carry enough weight in this regard...but I take it that your concern is that guidelines will extend the law rather than merely help LAs interpret it, which I think is a very real concern, and does indeed happen in these guidelines, eg: with asking for evidence of reasonable progress and other standard setting.

Whilst I think the point you raised may be OK by way of interpretation of the law, I do think that there are plenty of instances in the guidelines where it isn't and am hoping that the examples of responses could help HEors make these points to the DCSF.

I have no idea how to answer your question and think it a good one which perhaps should be raised in your response ie: if they accept the ultra vires implications of eg: the standard setting in the guidelines, how do they propose to make them lawful?

Gill said...

An extremely helpful post, Carlotta. Thanks xx

Carlotta said...

Thanks, Gill. Have just added Zara's testimony from yours.

Anonymous said...

I've just done mine and I was 519...


Anonymous said...

It ends the 31st July what time? ^^;

Annkrozeika said...

Hi Carlotta,
Just wanted to thank you for all your blog posts on the consultation. Along with a couple of other bloggers posts, yours really helped me to understand it all, being still fairly new to HE.
So thanks :)

Anonymous said...

All these blogs about the consultation do seem to be helping-thanks guys!
Response number 584 has just gone in!

Gill said...

Degs just put hers in - number 722

Anonymous said...

I didn't manage. System error before I could submit. :(

Carlotta said...

Ouch. They closed the consult pdq as far as I can see. (I hear 5 mins ahead of some-one's watch!)

Perhaps they are feeling they have had enough!