Friday, July 13, 2007

How HE Children Could Respond the consultation: there is actually a box specifically for home educated young people in the response form. The DCSF are seeking their views, and indeed it may demonstrate a point rather nicely if plenty of HEks responded.

It grates immeasurably to hear that the HE community can stand accused of not listening to our children and not giving them a chance to be heard when it is the case that we so often are doing precisely the reverse, seeking the views of our children about their educational requirements and responding to these needs in a personalised fashion. Encouraging HE children to respond to the consultation may be a perfect way to demonstrate that they actually do have more of a voice than most other children.

If the whole of the consultation is too much for them, they could use the final comments box to have their say.

Will have a total of seven HEks here today. Will see what they have to say about it all!

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