Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Damning Stuff about Schools from the NUT

There are a reasonable number of old school types who think that children should be bored by their schooling or have a negative attitude to it or some such notion or other.

As someone who spent their secondary years bored rigid by most of her lessons, I can vouch for the fact that boredom isn't an efficient way to learn. For example, I started in the top maths set in year one and progressed with a seeming singularity of purpose to the bottom set - set 5 by year 5. That was neither necessary nor good.

It should therefore be distressing to hear that 83% of a set of pupils who were questioned said they were unexcited by lessons and 45 per cent said they were uninterested by education. Ah well...what a waste of everyone's time.

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Leo said...

True :(