Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is What They Want

Visits should be compulsory and the child should be present and required to present their work. This may not seem unreasonable to some, but there are plenty of Local Authority inspectors who have no understanding of certain types of education that home educators undertake and have shown to be successful. For example, an ignorant official may well slap a School Attendance Order on a family whose children are not reading at age eight and yet over and over again, we see late readers becoming extremely avid and successful readers.

We are NOT going to let the state dictate the form of education and this is what will happen in effect, should they have a remit to assess all educational provision.

Such an outcome would, in effect, constitute the theft of children from their parents.

The Voice is right however, in that the current state of affairs is confusing. Why issue new Guidance to LAs for identifying Children Missing from Education and then initiate a review on home education in the form of a consultation immediately afterwards? It is a COMPLETE MESS.

However, we will respond to the consultation as best we can.


Anonymous said...

Sigh. It's compulsory education we have to fight. :(

lotusbirther said...

Education is compulsory, school is not compulsory; nor is school-at-home (how dull!) nor structured education as dictated by the current bod on top of the heap at any one time.