Thursday, January 29, 2009

Every Parent Should be Frightened.

We know of one child in our area who appears to have been removed from her family precipitously by social workers. These social workers then seem to be using fake post-rationalisations to justify their actions. The family's MP and the police think it shouldn't have happened. Others who know the family were shocked that it had.

Parents everywhere should be frightened, what with ContactPoint going live in May, eCAFs, and the increasing assumption on the part of Local Authorities that they have a responsibility to ensure that your child reaches what should only be the ambitions of the Every Child Matters agenda. See question 58 here. NB: the authorities do not have any duties to monitor for the five targets. They have a duty to co-operate to promote these ambitions. THIS is the law of the land, and technically, if not in practice, the law allows for parents to be responsible for the education and welfare of their children.

Once you have let an authority figure through your door, you are no longer in control of the evidence. They can say anything they like about you in court and they are the expert. The fact that you have known your child since birth, and are as a parent, highly motivated to meet their needs, to think about how you cope with your child, sod all that. This person has a degree in something or other, and an objective view. You, dear parent, don't stand a blinking chance.

Eileen Munro explains in the Guardian:

"We should assume that parents are innocent until we have at least some grounds for suspicion."


Anonymous said...

A home educated child? What were the circunstances of that family?

Carlotta said...

Yes, HE. Not obvious to anyone that there were serious problems:(

Anonymous said...

You know nothing of their circunstances?

Carlotta said...

I do but cannot divulge here, am afraid.

Carlotta said...

I do not have their express permission, for a start.

Anonymous said...

Were they someone you knew personally? Who called the social services on them and why? Can you at least say what were the rationalisations of the social workers?