Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It isn't just home educators

...who are feeling the pain of the police state. Witness this post from The Conservative Blog.


Anonymous said...

Will David Cameron repeal any of these laws? i have not heard him say he will? i dont thin kthe torys will be any diferent which is a great shame i think all of them are now of the mind set of how to control us they fear us in case we take to the streets in large numbers!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I too wonder if dear ol' Dave will repeal all of this nastiness.
He will have a gargantuan task on his hands because so many tin-pots are in position now.
A lot of sacking, retraining and God alone knows what else will (expensively) be required to undo the damage.
I hope he tries. I hope he succeeds-but for a while now I have sensed the storm coming. It wont be pretty.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron has not said in a clear way that he is against laws over home education and seeing the child by an LA officer!

Mum6kids is right i wonder if dear old dave will repeal all of this nastiness?