Friday, March 05, 2010

On Costing Schedule 1

Diana Johnson is still peddling wild under-estimates here.

"We estimate that the cost of the registration and monitoring proposals for home-educated children will be around £26.3 million in the first year and £14.6 million in subsequent years, based on 20,000 home-educated children. We do not have figures available yet for allocations below national level. We will develop detailed funding methodologies for local authority allocations after discussion with the Local Government Association and local authorities."

At least the £14.6 million is a revision in the right direction. In October 2009, they quoted £9.7 million for follow-up years.

Michael Crawshaw's conclusion still stands.

"Don’t be distracted by the spuriously accurate figure of £9.7m. This barely scratches the surface. We stand by our central estimate of £100-300m costs pa - to address a problem that simply isn’t there."


Baz said...

So if there's 20,000 HE children, the LAs already know about them all and there's no need to register. Hurrah!

brett said...

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