Thursday, March 11, 2010

Schooling Turns Pupils Off Learning

...says Professor of Education Policy at Newcastle. It seems he is right.

So what's new, home educators might well ask? We have been saying as much for about a decade or so now.

Well for one thing, articles like the ones above point to the inequity of holding only home educators to account over the issue of the provision of a suitable education.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen if the 'free school' idea is allowed under a Tory Govt. Theoretically educational standards could really rise and more young people could set themselves up in business. But it would lead to a lot more independence and I can't help wondering if that would be allowed by a Cameron led Govt???

While Soley preaches "children have rights.." he seems oblivious to the horrible things being forced onto children in the name of (pseudo) education. Until the cognitive dissonance of the morally bankrupt elites is challenged, I can't see much change coming that will be any good.
Feeling pessimistic today.
I'll have a cup of tea and maybe I'll see the bright side then.

Anonymous said...

your right mum6kids i cant see Cameron and Grove allowing to much independence for education in what ever format its done. The tories are no real friend of home eudcation and once they in power will take very little notice of us but i bet they take more notice of the DCSF which will still be staffed by the same people who have attack us!