Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The CSF Bill at the Wash Up Tomorrow

As far as we understand it, this scheduling is in fact the Wash Up for the CSF Bill.

More details, courtesy of EO:

It will be a very busy day in the Lords with the CSF Bill last on the agenda.

It doesn't seem as though the Lords will be on TV live and there may only be edited highlights available afterwards, here and here.

However, you can read “Today in the Lords” from 3 hours after the event with the Full Report appearing in Hansard at 8am the following morning.

Tomorrow, Thursday 8th April will be “ping-pong” where the Commons considers any amendments from the Lords.

Parliament will then be prorogued and any further business will be decided between the Front Bench Opposition and the Government.

We don't know what will happen but should know something by the end of the week at the latest.

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in the House of Commons and House of Lords have consistently opposed the CSF Bill and the home education measures in particular and we are told that the Conservative Shadow Spokesperson for Children Schools and Families reiterated their commitment yesterday to ensuring that the home education proposals would not pass into law.

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Anonymous said...

BBC is reporting that the proposals for register of Home Ecucating Children is to be dropped