Thursday, April 08, 2010

Schedule 1 of CSF Bill Formally Voted Out

From Hansard:

Clauses 19 to 26 disagreed."

"Clause 27 : Power of National Assembly for Wales to make provision by Measure

Debate on whether Clause 27 should stand part of the Bill.

Baroness Walmsley: My Lords, we on these Benches regret that the Government wish not to proceed with Clause 27, which grants the framework power which would have allowed the National Assembly for Wales to regulate home education in its own way. While we are quite in favour of withdrawing Clause 26, which was unworkable and did not have general support, we believe that home education is a matter which should be devolved to the National Assembly. We on these Benches would rather have left the clause in the Bill, but we shall not oppose its removal tonight.

Baroness Morgan of Drefelin: I do not wish to detain the House any further. The House is aware of the discussions that have taken place as part of wash-up, in which we agreed that we would oppose stand part.


EO's Press Release here.

Clause 27 disagreed."


Alice said...

It's amazing to finally see it in print! We did it!

Anonymous said...

yes Alice we did it! every one many thanks for the role you played in stoping the bill from letter writing or meetings with M.P's or on blogs.every one played a part thank you all so much.