Wednesday, April 07, 2010

For Sure


And here with added spin, from the DCSF.

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Fiona T said...


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!!!!! What a relief!
Every one's hard work - letters, emails and so on - wasn't for nothing! And your hard work Carlotta. It's been amazing.

Anonymous said...

thanks to everyone who worked towards stalling the Bill. Well done

Joy said...

YIPPEE!!! Well done everyone for all their hard work, & thanks Carlotta for helping us keep on top of it all!!
And, for the record, this Joy is definitely jumping :D *L*

Rosemary said...

I'm so happy! Had intended to be at our local this evening to celebrate a friend's birthday. Now *I've* something to celebrate! Thanks to everyone who has got us, and the cause of family freedoms, thus far.

Anonymous said...

Whooopie dooo!
Thank you for all the info you really helped with knowing what to write and when to write and who to write to!

So our children are safe for a while longer!

Anonymous said...

Dear Carlotta,

Almost incoherent with joy.

So honoured to be in this company of magnificent people.

Onward and upward!


Carlotta said...

Just fantastic work by everyone...thank you so much HE community for preserving our wonderful way of life.

I am forever indebted to you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Carlotta
You and I have had so many tears of deep frustration and anger over the past year or so, and now our tears are of relief and joy!

Now I will have to come down to Biblins one day next week so I can join in the jumping for joy in real life too!

Carlotta said...


Ron said...

Awesome news (even for someone on another continent) :) really happy to hear that went down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Master Williams

Thank you for your letter of 18th of March 2010 about home education which has been passed to me for reply.
Our propsoals to Legislate for a light touch registration and monitoring scheme for home educating families have now been removed from the Children,Schools and Families Billl to enable some parts of the Bill to be passed into law before Parliament is dissolved.
However ,government remains committed to introducing such a scheme and to the provision of additional support for home educating families.
Yours sincerely
Jill Clark
independent Education and School Governance
She from the DCSf! bet that hurt to write that letter to Peter LOL