Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bullying on the Curriculum

Back to the Politics Show's, section on Home Education (via the last fifth of the video link), it does seem that Tim Harrison of the NUT directly infers that schools could only be considered to be providing a appropriate education by ensuring that they offer a bullying environment. We say this because he starts off by claiming that socialisation is not possible in the home environment and that this process is therefore only possible in schools. He then subsequently asserted: " One of the ways children learn to cope with bullying is through the socialisation process."

So it's official then. Bullying must be a regular feature of school life, or otherwise they fail our children.

All of which could be slightly confusing from the outside, given that there are all these apparent initiatives to put a stop to bullying in schools.

HT: Mike FW


Anonymous said...

Don't think I found the right page, but found:
"The National Union of Teachers says home-schooling is often the result of unrealistic parental expectations or unwarranted anxiety about their local schools." Tell that to the parents whose children have committed suicide or suffered mental or physical violence!

The complete stupidity of the theories they come out with seconds after expressing sensible (contradictory) theories is mind boggling.

Have repeatedly read in the work of contemporary educational theorists that boys in particular are being failed in the school system because they are not motivated, and this is because they don't have enough autonomy. The next sentence invariably promotes a theory for controlling their learning...


Elizabeth said...

HI Carlotta--we couldn't find the right link either--any way you can chech that out? We fell it's a keeper for the future. Thanks! Elizabeth---PS--I enjoy your blog!

Carlotta said...

Sorry re the link and the delay! I seem to be able to call the HE section up by going to the linked page and then calling up the Video section near the top R, and then fast forwarding through to approx the last fifth of the recorded programme...which contains the piece on HE.

Hope this does the trick...

Elizabeth said...

Hi Carlotta--Yes, sorry--didn't read that it was the video I should watch. I haven't been able to find a printable version of that section--will have to write in. I was very disappointed with the HE reps-- the EO woman seemed to waffle abit--was not assertive enough and didn't point out any advantages of HE. OH well--time to join EO and sound off! I don't want HE regulated like in the states--what's the point then! Argh! Thanks for the link--Elizabeth