Monday, December 12, 2005

Sheila 10, Gina 0.

Good one Sheila. Ms Kitzinger lays into Gina Ford, for which we can only say a hearty thank goodness.

What's more, we now learn that Gina is not a mother. This may seem rather ad hominem, but over and over again we see what happens. The first example that springs to mind: Alice Thompson, journalist of Daily Telegraph fame, at 8 months pregnant, highly contemptuous of the fact that parents of toddlers get special parking rights in supermarket car parks. She changed her tone markedly after a year or two of parenting, and now argues for greater parental freedoms and assistance.

We can't help wondering what would happen if Gina were to have to listen to her very own precious babe screaming it out?



Anonymous said...

Interestingly Miss Ford mentions that the controlled crying technique should only be used when medical professionals have suggested using why is the book for genaral sale to the public !!! I would have thought it would be available only via medical libraries and shops like other "medical " books!

It is something I am rather pleased to say I have never done.


Carlotta said...

Lol...Great point, and anyway, what do the medics know about this that we don't?

Anonymous said...

Thing is medics just always want to get their name in print to further their careers and put on their CV,