Thursday, December 08, 2005


Oh no! Yesterday: another day when I felt that I did so badly that at least one of the children would be better off going to school. This doesn't happen frequently, but when it does, it is very unnerving and painful.

It feels as if there is a sort of inevitable pattern to this. What happens is that child suddenly seems unaccountably unhappy and starts moaning persistently, without any easy apparent resolution. We struggle through the day, getting more and more desperate and more and more bad tempered with one another. The next day, child succumbs to infection, lies in bed with Calpol and a good book, and sweet nature and reason return.

Sadly, two days later, we are back to the persistent sense of being uncomfortable in your skin, but not ill enough to lie in bed all day, that renders everyone almost incomprehensibly evil: child persistently unhappy, me desperate and furious. Given that by this stage, it is quite likely that one is feeling grotty oneself, the whole combination can be very difficult to handle.

The day after that, everything gets back to normal, but am NOT prepared to have these glitches ANY more. Any constructive suggestions would be gratefully received.


Ron R said...

We are familiar with struggles like this. The only advice I could give is for you to respond to it in some different way. I know, it sounds so easy, but won't be.

Without knowing more specifics, I'd suggest activities which you might be able to do together but will occupy both of you (eg. baking, painting, etc.)

Carlotta said...

I think that may well be the answer...some sort of shift in response which may entail something focussing intensely upon preferred activities of the ill one.

I actually had some help yesterday from friend, (as was again quite ill myself), and they all had a wonderful day, so that certainly worked.

Becky said...

Having had my eldest daughter in the local public system for the start of her education career, I can honestly say that our worst hs day is always better than our best public school day.

And illness changes everything. I've often wondered what on earth has possessed my kids, only to realize it's some sort of virus or bacteria lol. They start behaving badly even before any sign of illness. Add a month like December with general busy-ness (for the parent) and excitement (for the children) and you may as well toss the books and start baking cookies
: )

MonicaR said...

Just found you through the homeschool blog awards - my vote didn't go through but I will try again.

Anyhoo - We have days like this and after becoming quite anxious about it for a couple of years I hit upon a solution. Stop doing school for the day.

This solution cannot be employed when just a sluggishly done math paper is the culprit. It cannot be employed if the child yawns and says they are tired. I cannot be employed only because the kid has had a priviledge taken away for bad behavior. It CAN be employed when everyone in the house is finding it impossible to cope.

That is how I've done it anyway - and we have had no problem getting our required hours/days in by the end of the year.