Monday, December 05, 2005

No Sick Leave

The question uppermost in my mind today: is it better to be in school or home educating when at least some members of the family are too ill to do much more than roll over in bed, groaning?

Conclusion? I honestly and truthfully think home ed wins out yet again! The reason: You can stay in bed, groaning at will, without worrying that you are missing out on those key facts that will cause the rest of the subject to become forever incomprehensible. You don't have to sweat over that phone call to the secretary. You don't have to sit miserably in a crowded waiting room, infecting all the other patients for a certificate that only proves that you have a flu virus that will resolve spontaneously in a few days time.

Instead, you can snuggle up with a hot water bottle and a hot choccie, and if your head will let you, you can watch the Kids Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network, UK Docs about supervolcanoes and string theory, whatever, and if this book's hypothesis is anything to go by, you're still quids up in the learning department.


Anonymous said...

We haven't gone ill yet this year.
I have that book in my "save for later" list.

Carlotta said...

That's a great record, Leo! Long may it continue.

I was pretty pleased with how we were going this year up to this point, but second child syndrome does seem to have got to us once second child seemingly catching so many more bugs than first ever did, probably due to hefty exposure to other kids:(

Clare said...

Oh poor Georgia! That's so soon after the last bug! Still, I totally agree with you re. HE being good when one is ill - in Free Range Education there's that lovely story about the woman who broke her leg and her children just got on with it and manged to learn loads by the time she was up and about enough to start 'educating' them!