Saturday, October 07, 2006

Children Missing From EDUCATION

Still on the topic of the terrible standard of journalism at the Beeb, here is yet another example of their persistent tendency to conflate school with education.


Jax said...

tbh, in this case I'm not sure you can blame the beeb. It follows the language of that dreadful consultation underway at the moment, which sort of half nods at the idea of home education, and then skips blithely on intermixing the terms education and school as and when it likes, making absolutely no sense at all.

And as for those of us half and halfing, not sure where we fall!

Carlotta said...

Hopefully, you will completely confuse them and blow a fuse in their system :)

And you are right, I am being a bit unforgiving. I don't know why I persist in hoping that the Beeb will not to be totally self-serving and will at some stage choose to bite the hand that feeds it.

The problem seems to me that they put themselves out as responsible, honest investigative broadcasters when this is plainly not the case.

Jax said...


I don't think there is anything wrong with taking the beeb to task on it all, just think you're probably fighting a losing battle where they are directly reporting a government initiative!

Anonymous said...

I think it is extremely hard for people that haven't read all the HE gurus to see education as you do.

In a Myst forum people were all praising a teacher that used Myst games as a theme for their classes. Being Myst fans, they all commented how would they love that school essays were about Myst. I was the only one saying I would hate it if Myst was a school essay.

It nevers comes across their mind a person is entitled not to want to learn something at one point in their lives and how much they learn by exploring the games spontaneously, without having a teacher to make it serious education.