Friday, October 27, 2006

Too Mad to Think of a Title

For those of us who have insisted that the children's database is not only a serious infringement of the rights of free people, a fundamental destruction of the proper relationship between individuals and the state, but also an improper use of funds, this kind of news is enough to make you SICK.


"Eight out of ten parents of disabled children consider social services to be poor, according to a parliamentary enquiry published today.The cross-party study into services for disabled children found evidence of rising eligibility criteria and parents being turned away for short-term breaks by councils.Lack of funding was deemed the biggest barrier to improving services by 61 per cent of the 148 parents 74 per cent of the 108 professionals who gave evidence to the MPs."

Just when the eligibility criteria for initial services scrutiny is being significantly lowered, we hear that people who really do need help, just don't get it. What with the fund raising campaigns in support of disabled children that we see on Home Education lists, we would think this is probably about right.

(PS...Just in case anyone has forgotten, we think the database will also destroy trust between users of services and the services themselves, will conflict with confidentiality rules, will be open to abuse by hackers and people within services who can make a quick buck selling on information, as has happened already, and won't work properly for any number of different reasons - mistakes in data input, IT problems, confusion sorting out genuine problems from the trivial, etc.)



Dave Hill said...

Well spotted!

Ruth said...

Sounds right to me. I have 6 out of 7 ASD kids. Help? - none. Ask for any you get what is wrong with you that you need it? The flagged up. I just did a post about this on my blog - password link is on the sidebar if you want to see it.

Anonymous said...

It is disgusting money is chanelled by the goverment for all the wrong things.

Still, wouldn't it be better if the government would not be given the responsability to care for the disabled and charities spent their money in helping the user directly more instead of lobbying the government?

Perhaps we as individuals also count with the government too much to help people because we don't want the burden or got used to it. If people can spare the money for a friend with a disabled child or for medical research they should do it.

If we want our money to be spent wisely in the things we value, we have to do it ourselves.