Friday, October 06, 2006


Was at work yesterday when I blithely announced to an inquirer that my children were home educated - an apparently fairly normal scenario, particularly given that the information was warmly apprehended by the intended recipient.

The reason why I think I shall remember this incident was that I had made this announcement within easy earshot of a member of the public, who stood only a few yards away with his back towards me. When he turned around, with a face that seemed like thunder, it was immediately apparent that this person was either Chris Woodhead or his doppelganger.

Hmmm - I think I may have lost some business, but perhaps off to try to find out exactly how tall Chris Woodhead is, since this person was at least six foot.


Jax said...


Daryl Cobranchi said...

For your less knowledgeable readers can you please explain who he is?

Carlotta said...

Sorry, Daryl...have added a link to a biography.

Woodhead was the Chief Inspector of Schools until fairly recently and it is a reasonable assumption, given that he was generally extremely disparaging about any teaching methods that weren't completely Victorian, that he wouldn't be the world's greatest HE advocate.

Dave Hill said...

"Face like thunder"? It was definitely him.