Monday, November 20, 2006

20,000 Per Day

Here's one of the reasons we want to keep home education alive and kicking:

"20,000 children were skipping school every day to avoid being bullied. "

Of course, those are just the ones who bother to truant. There must be tens of thousands of other bullied school children who just stick it out. What a shame all those parents of bullied truants don't grasp the power available to them and get on and home educate.

Just as galling is the fact that LAs are bothering to think about increasing the amount they pester home educators, (who almost always deal with the very few instances of bullying in HE groups with an impressive efficiency), when this woeful record persists in our so-called institutions of socialisation.

But this article is good for laughs too, since this sort of proposal always conjures up the image of a bundle of elderly parents of a lot of school teachers being forced to cough up or attend courses:
"Parents of bullies are being warned they could be forced to attend parenting classes or face a £1,000 fine."

Other facts and figures about bullying. (NOT funny). 70% of school children will have experienced it. Half of these children will have been physically assaulted. Suicidal children ring Bullying Online at the rate of four a day.

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