Saturday, November 18, 2006

Parental Involvement in Education - The Ed Sec's Views

Was going to blog this bit about Alan Johnson's views on parental involvement in education, but didn't get round to it and now Gill's made life very easy. From the BBC Website:

Alan Johnson "stressed it was not for the government to dictate to parents"

We might need to quote this to the DfES in the near future, I suspect!


Ruth said...

I think that will be useful quote to throw back at them.

Anonymous said...

It's brilliant! I need a whole lot of explanations right now for what is wrong with the ideas behind 'every child matters' - this is a good start.


Carlotta said...


Is there any chance you could make it to the ARCH workshop as listed below?

They could certainly present the counter arguments very cogently.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean Tuesday the 5th for the meeting. ARCH is a strange blog, though, as it has no comments or discussion available!


Carlotta said...

Dear D,

Yep, Tues 5th Dec Bloomsbury somewhere:

I do get the comment option in ARCH rights blog. Wonder why there is a discrepency there. Would you mail ARCH and ask?

Or might be easier just to visit their website...

archrights said...

@anonymous: don't know why you can't access comments - they've certainly always been open on the ARCH blog.

You may find these URLs helpful - they contain links to various presentations on every child matters and related database systems:

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? Or is this satire or something?