Saturday, November 18, 2006

Light Relief

Which South Park kid are you most like?


You are clever, and often come up with intelligent and funny comebacks to other people's stupid remarks.

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At the risk of annoying Leo immensely (lol...sorry, L, are you converted yet?), and by way of a little light relief for any SP fans, here's Ds's results. He came up as Kenny the second time he tried it which strikes me as about right. He IS a combination of smart talking and yet someone for whom one would be unusually fearful.

I come up as Stan without fail. Dh wouldn't get up off the sofa to do it, (it's so LAME) so he came up as Cartman when we did it for him!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! You mean me or was it another Leo?

If it was me, no, you don't get annoyed anymore - although I still annoy people, I must work on that. o_O

I am not converted.

Shameless spam: I'm starting a webforum and you're invited!

Carlotta said..., yes you!

re: non convert, bother!

webforum sounds v. interesting. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

It could have been Mr. Blair's son!

I think I won't be converted so soon, because they are adults playing kids and they are meany, passing on the prejudice that kids are these evil brats that would be out of control. I also associate them with really bad events in my life so perhaps I see them completely wrong.

I value fluffy things and I don't like "cuteness much die" attitudes much.

Or... I don't have sense of humour.

I like Little Britian, though. :D

Anyway... I ramble again.

The forum where all the cool people hang ^^; is: