Friday, November 24, 2006

Sharp Increase in Home Education

So it isn't just my imagination then. And the other good thing about this story is that this increase in HE is happening in Scotland, which has slightly less favourable legislation, eg: you have to apply to schools for permission to de-register.


Tim said...

Interesting article.

However, Alison Preuss's statement "There is a systemic failure in that schools don't seem to be catering for individual children anymore." implies that schools once did cater for individual children, and I really don't think they ever have.

An important factor in my conversion to HE was my own experiences from 30 - 45 years ago, even if individual teachers tried to help individuals the sausage machine moved them along the production line to the next operative. And I cannot see that at has ever been better or different since.

Carlotta said...

It seems to remain the perennial problem of schooling, which according to next great friend who is now doing the PGCE is never addressed in an honest fashion...lip service paid to individual learning plans, personalised education and all that, and then complete contradiction within the space of the next sentence, without any apparent awareness of the hypocricy of it all.

No wonder neither of these good people who have taken the PGCE have managed to stay out of trouble. The provocation was simply too great.