Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Education and Inspections Act Kicks In

From an alert issued by Education Otherwise:

"Home educators should be aware that from 1 September 2007 there is new statutory guidance on pupils who are excluded from school. For the first 5 days excluded pupils are not allowed in public places during school hours "without reasonable justification" and when they are challenged and apprehended, a fixed penalty notice may be issued. This follows sections 103-104 of the Education and Inspection Act 2006.

"When this new duty was first announced, concerns were expressed that home educated young people out and about on their normal business might be mistaken for pupils who had been excluded. Education Otherwise has written to the DCSF requesting that LAs remind police officers that home education is a valid legal option and that home educated young people are emphatically not the subject of this new guidance. This could also usefully be added to the agenda for any forthcoming meetings with local authority officers. "


Wobblymoo said...

Well I for one will be delbrately heading out, they are not keeping me a prisoner in my own home

Carlotta said...

I agree. Will talk to the dc, but if they agree too, I think there is no point waiting till after 15.00 hours to go into town.

With the database, there's technically nothing to lose any more, any how.