Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Could We Be Doing Now?

Despite the fact that we are actually none the wiser following the recent Freedom of Information result, as to what caused the softening of the DCSF's plans to control home education, it may not be unreasonable to suspect that it might have had something to do with remarks by lawyers and Andrew Adonis which were consistently blacked out. It might also be reasonable to surmise that these people were doing their best to remind the DCSF that they would be wise not to overstep their powers, for fear of dire consequences to themselves.

It might therefore be helpful to remind the DCSF that we are aware of these possible consequences to themselves if they choose to overstep the power line. It occurred to me that a letter such as the one below, perhaps from an organisation such as AHEd, might be a useful hint that we are onto them as regards abuses of power.

Dear DCSF,

We are interested to note that Nottinghamshire Local Authority has already re-written their elective Home Education guidelines which are at least partially based upon the version of EHE guidelines that was subjected to the recent DfES consultation.

We are interested to note that the authority states that it has certain duties and responsibilities and are writing to check with you whether this is indeed the case.

For example, on page 4 of the Notts EHE Guidance:

under the paragraph headed: What is meant by an efficient and suitable education?" it is stated that "It is also the duty of the Local Authority to ensure the safety and well being of the child."

Is this indeed the case?

Yours faithfully,

- - - - - - - -

It probably isn't necessary to append the sentence "because if it is the case, my child fell off a swing yesterday and hurt her back. Can I sue my LA for negligence?"


Wobblymoo said...

Oh we could have such fun with that :)My son was tripped up today by another home educated child so I can get them on two counts

Carlotta said...

Tee hee....

Minnie said...

When the terrible Notts was our la, the "very important" secretary who was the point of contact re home ed visits, inspectors and the like told me that they had to see home edded kids to make sure that they were ok! I put her right about the law and the right to refuse visits and submit ed phils, etc but you are just wasting your breath with that lot. They've been trying it on with the so-called welfare slant for ages. They just make more work for themselves.

They failed my schooled kids quite spectacularly, but that doesn't count!! And I can count on one hand their friends who HAVEN'T ended up partaking in drugs.

Another time, one son came out of junior school at home time with a whopping, great bandage over his forehead. Did anyone ring to let me know he'd had an accident and sustained a head injury? Nah.. No wonder I home educate now and do I wish I'd known about home ed when the others were younger. You bet!

Carlotta said...

Thanks for that perspective, Minnie. Do you think it would be worth calling in the DCSF on Notts since the DCSF are probably well aware, particularly at the moment, (due to the probable input from the DCSF lawyers), of the need for LAs not to appropriate ultra vires duties to themselves?