Monday, September 03, 2007

Home Education on TV

Home Education will be discussed once again on The Wright Stuff, Channel Five, from about 09.00 hours, today, Monday 3rd Sept. Home Educators in the studio will discuss the subject with HE critic Myra Robinson.

Audience phone-in: 020 7173 5555

UPDATE: HEors, as is the rule on these sorts of occasions, did their utmost to combat ignorant prejudice, particularly with regard to (yawn) the socialisation issue. Honestly, what is it with schooled peeps?! - (yet again unable to change their opinions in the face of the evidence that they should). OTOH, I was impressed with the way that several of the HEors said "possibly" when they were unsure of the answer.

Doubts about the problem of studying for the hard subjects from home should have been settled by the last telephone conversation with HEor Cher, who when asked, went on very calmly to explain that her HEd son will be studying physics at university next year.

Vote in their poll here.

"So do you think that home-schooling is bad for kids?"

What's the betting that almost everyone who votes "YES" knows next to nothing about HE?

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