Monday, February 18, 2008

Avoiding the Surveillance State - Another Reason to Home Educate

They haven't got to the children so far, it seems! Despite the fact that my medical records and those of my husband (such as they are) appear to have been uploaded onto the NHS Spine, and this even though we had requested that they shouldn't be, the existence of non-schooled children appears to have thrown several systems into some confusion. Even in our own GP surgery's database, the children would appear not to exist, though they they were registered there perfectly satisfactorily for a number of years prior to the computerisation! I'm guessing that this is because they aren't on school databases and the mismatch throws the system into confusion.

Very sadly, I don't imagine this situation will continue for long.

However, for another related reason to home educate, read Gordon Brown's woefully inadequate response to Nick Clegg's questions about fingerprinting children in schools, via


Anonymous said...

How do you know they've been uploaded? eep! We got a friendly letter back from the surgery saying nothing would happen without telling us...

Raquel said...

hmm I wonder how the PM would feel if we stuck the CCTV in his bedroom..violated? Maybe?
Would have been nice if Mr. Clegg had responded by taking the PM's fingerprints.. :D

Carlotta said...

Hi Anon,

I saw the screens in the hospital, some 20 miles from our home which had our names, addresses, ages, etc.

I now have been led to understand that these particular details are unavoidably forwarded, whether we like it or not. Whether there were further details on my husband or myself, I am not sure.
Apparently these may be sent later which seems like another opportunity for total chaos, but there you go.

The children just weren't on either system at all.

Carlotta said...

Violation is the word, I feel, Raquel...the taking of fingerprints without due cause is a significant violation of the relationship between citizen and state, I feel.

Anonymous said...

Is registration with the NHS mandatory?

Carlotta said...

It certainly usen't to be, though I am potentially 10 years out of date on this point.

Actually, I don't see how registration could be compulsory, as you only register on the NHS when you go to a GP and ask to be registered. It is only then that you are allocated an NHS number, if you hadn't already got one from a previous registration that is.

I think this must still be the same.