Monday, February 04, 2008

ContactPoint - What to Do Next

From Freedom for Children to Grow - (lifted in its entirety, sorry FfCtG...I can't find a permalink):

"The petition asking the Government to abandon ContactPoint, the national children's database, closed on the 20th December 2007 with 1395 signatures. On 1st February Downing Street made the following response saying that ContactPoint will still be going ahead and that it will benefit children in need of services by making it "easier for them to deliver better coordinated support to children and families "and that "security is, and always has been, of paramount importance. "
We assume that this will continue to be the official position on ContactPoint.

The Government announced a delay in the introduction of the national children's database immediately following the news of the loss of Child Benefit data discs.

The Downing Street petition response mentions that the Information Commissioner is looking at ContactPoint and the Data Protection issues.

A good place to have your say on information sharing and databases is the Ministry of Justice's Consultation into the Use of Personal Information which is being led by the Information Commissioner. This consultation closes on 15th February. The campaign site will shortly have notes on some of the main points you might want to consider and these will be flagged up here on the news page. "

Go here
for more on why ContactPoint is such a terrible idea.

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Ruth said...

Got to be worth a try. If we can't get through to them one way then let's try another.