Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fiona Brookes Speaks!

From 37 mins into Radio 4's Friday PM recording, Prof. James Conway reiterates some slightly peculiar ideas about home educators and computer usage, but HEor Fiona Brookes is peerless.

I want to put it on record that we owe this woman and her husband a huge debt. She and her family were the first home educators we met when we moved to this area. Her example was and is inspirational and her children are WONDERFUL.

And so much for not using computers. Her family have used them pretty consistently throughout!


Anonymous said...

lovely interview - the facts, presented simply and effectively. I liked the use of the word 'institution'! The interviewer thought it was amusing too, in a nice way I think.


Rafe said...

Hi Carlotta, this is off topic but I can't find a contact point on your site. Someone came to the Rathouse from your link, that is why I turned up here (not for the first time). Actually you might like to change to link from the Index to the first Revivalist page which is possibly more interesting, certainly less portentious than the Index! Barzun is just about the best writer on education around, as well.

Anyway I want to tell you that your favorite book, Poppers OSE is now on line in a condensed version for people who balk at the 800 pages.

You might be interested in a nice story about the time he spent in New Zealand as well.

Keep up the good work!

Carlotta said...

Hi Rafe,

Thank you for the tips. I don't know which to pursue first!

Have put up the Revivalist link, but cannot resist keeping the Rathouse too...old habits and all that.

Have no idea how I came to lose my email contact. Have put it to rights now. Thanks for pointing it out.