Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brian Links to AHEd Brian Micklethwait's Education Blog


Ruth said...

Commented over at Brian's blog but thought I'd say it here too. I picked a random page and was a bit put off to see a letter from AHed about the Today Programme that stated as fact that "Local Authorities have additional powers to informally question home educating families about their educational provision even where there is no reason to believe that their children may not be receiving a suitable education."

Yes it's been established that it is not unreasonable for them to ask BUT they have no 'additional powers' that let them do so! This comes dangerously close to saying that LAs have the RIGHT to insist on visits or written reports.

I would have expected better.

Carlotta said...

Wow...I hadn't spotted that one Ruth. Will try to trace it and get back to Barbara. Am almost certain that they would not want to imply this!