Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Family Courts and Accountability

Heads up, anyone who has had problems with social services and family courts.

The Times newspaper is running a campaign this week calling for family courts to be more open, and for childcare professionals to be accountable for their decisions.

If you haven’t yet done so could you to fill in the 30 second survey they are doing to gauge the scale of the injustice.

Main Campaign page:

Online survey to fill in:

There is also a form to submit to your MP as well on the page:"


emma said...

I've written to mine. Poor man. I'm not leaving him alone at the moment!

emma said...

I got a reply. My MP is also concerned and is writing to Jack Straw :) I'm glad I made the effort to write - I think maybe bothering our MPs once a month is a better way of making our views known than those Downing Street Petitions.

(Not that I have any personal experience of the family courts, just the fear that we all share)