Sunday, July 06, 2008

Home Educators Win the Day at Wimbledon

...and it wasn't just the Williams sisters. 14 year old home schooler Laura Robson won the Girls Singles Championship with considerable panache.

At interview she was funny, engaging and completely appropriate for a 14 year old. On court, despite reporting having experienced quite severe nerves, she held it together completely in front of a huge crowd, maintaining a great match face which led the commentator to remark that she was "mature beyond her years".

Now, who says home educators don't learn to socialise?

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I'm going around telling everyone who mentions her that she is HE'd. Eat your words you sceptics!

I won't be telling my 9 year old nephew though, who came home from his recent school sports day annoyed again because although he won an event, he didn't get a prize - that was only for the children who the teachers considered had "tried hard". I'd love to see that at the wonder the UK rarely wins anything.