Thursday, July 31, 2008

School v. Unschool

A previously unschooled teen goes to school and compares his experiences.


dawny said...

wow Carlotta what a wonderful insight, thank you :)

Shirl said...

What a great blog post.

Anonymous said...

Shocking that he felt it took so short a time to quell the spirit, but seems entirely true. I do feel for my ds who had more years in school than out, and has never quite thrown off the damaging effects.

Up until the age of 7, when a good school seemed to offer lots, he ran out of school one day and threw himself into my arms because he was so excited by a science lesson that he had had that was great, but that was the last time he came out with a sense of being motivated by anything at school. After that assessment, permanent judging, exams and pressure removed all the pleasure of learning.