Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who to Vote For...

The UK Libertarian Party explicitly supports home education in the video here.


Pete said...

Errr... Libertarians, especially in parties, tend to end up essentially giving corporations carte blanche under the ideological concept that a corporation has no more power than an individual.

Sure they support home ed, but their answer to the current economic crisis is, as far as I can tell, to allow corporations even more freedom from oversight.. which is what got us here in the first place.

Libertarian polic sounds good in the good times, but they're ideologically driven to make recessions worse for the great mass of the population, since the free market is god to them.

Note that the welfare reforms are VERY libertarian.

IanPJ said...


I think you getting confused here. Our belief is that Corporations are not bodies in their own right, they are run and managed by individuals.

Where corporations do wrong, we believe that the individuals who make those decisions must be the responsible parties, and that they cannot hide behind a shield of corporate responsibility.

Yes, we do believe that excessive regulation only hinders corporations and mutes innovation, but corporations must be divorced entirely from government in order to give a truly free market.

We no longer wish to see 'government policy' designed purely to prop up a particular industry. e.g. Transport policy in 80's raised the cats eyes in the middle of the roads and motorways by 2cm to ensure that the battering the tyres got, slowly damaging the steel banding inside, supported the tyre industry, likewise the increase in the depth of tread.
The EU directives of the 70's and 80's to ensure all commercial kitchens were made of stainless steel was a crude attempt to support steel overproduction across Europe.

No, Libertarian policy will show that once divorced from Governments and truly free markets are allowed to operate, corporations will live and die on their own merits, and will become stronger and better able to endure market downturns.

Most economic cycles are caused by the financial industry and governments.
The financial industry because they have saturated the markets with their products and need the market to have a clear out in order to begin again, and government because of their level of meddling in areas they have no business to be in, especially supporting banks who care not to hold any reserves to see them through the lean times.

Libertarian policies would allow banks who are unstable to go to the wall, and rightly so if they are mismanaged, and would not use taxpayers funds to bail them out.
Banks would then ensure that they kept reserves at a level that would keep them in business.

Anonymous said...

I thought the video was great - especially the quote from Agatha Christie!

I don't believe, and have seen historical evidence though that the school system in the UK was created soley to try and keep people educated so the country didn't lose it's footing in the world. I think people today also believe this - but fail to see how school's stifle children.

(I'm a home educator by the way!)

Anonymous said...

Ooops - typo in my above post. Should read:

I don't believe that the school system in the UK was only created to try and keep people down. Historical evidence is that the people needed education so the country didn't lose it's footing in the world. I think people today also believe this is why schools are there - but fail to see how school's stifle children.

Anonymous said...

"Note that the welfare reforms are VERY libertarian"

True. So vote for them if you can home educate with income you produced yourself.