Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bending the Rules?

...well, given the assertions that this review is independent (when Mr Badman and his panel seem not to have had any direct experience of how home education really works, - you would need a home educator to do this, and Mr Badman himself has worked for most of his life as a schoolteacher or within a Local Authority), and given that the questions in the open review and in the LA questionnaire clearly implied that the LAs should have concerns which are well beyond their legal duties and remits, who would be surprised?

Now we are hearing from a number of LAs that they are apparently getting an extended period in which to respond to their questionnaire.

EO is trying to confirm whether this is indeed the case.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with comment on not accepting the findings of this review.
This Govt really does want to see family life destroyed. Cultures that destroyed families destroyed themselves in the end.But they don't teach that in school do they?

Maire said...

Also been highlighted that he was Head of Kent Childrens' Services and their appalling response to the review has just been posted ont the Yahoo eo list.