Friday, March 13, 2009

Results of Polls

Results from a poll here, asking the home educated child/teen on their view of contact with LA personnel.

Total number of votes: 409.

He/she does not mind seeing LA personnel: 17%

He/she is happy to see LA personnel: 6%

He/she does not want to see LA personnel: 77%


Education Otherwise subsequently conducted a further more extensive survey on a similar theme, the results of which can be found here. This survey also found that the large majority (78%) of HE children/teens said they did not want to see LA personnel.

Updated results of the EO survey: here


The Home Educated but not Hidden Survey.



lotusbirther said...

Why should they see LA personnel or even a 3rd part organisation? School kids don't. The idea that abuse is rife and home ed kids aren't engaging with other members of the community is not only absurd but an outright lie.

Anonymous said...

Will you be bringing this info to the meeting with Badman next week Carlotta?

It would be good to tell him that you asked the question.

Carlotta said...

Yes, I will indeed, no shoes. I think all we can do is hope to explain!

dude said...

good job man

Unknown said...
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wellbeing said...

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