Sunday, March 01, 2009

Further re Birmingham LAs Response to the Home Education Consultation

Home educators are furious after seeing Birmingham LA's response to the Home Education Review. There are suggestions that home educators issue a Freedom of Information request to ask about the basis for such claims as "the vast majority of HE kids get no accredited qualifications". We would also like to know how many SAOs Birmingham LA have issued over the last couple of years.

We will go further. In the extremely unlikely event that Birmingham LA has evidence that home educating children are not receiving a suitable education, we will make a complaint to the DCSF and OFSTED that Birmingham have good evidence that families are failing to educate, yet they are not taking action against them.

If on the other hand, Birmingham doesn't have proper evidence of failure of educational provision, we will have good grounds for discrediting their response on the basis that it appears to based upon utterly unsubstantiated assertions. We will write to Mr Badman and ask him how he intends to come to any kind of conclusion in his research when the LEA respondents have fabricated their responses.

We will also write to the head of Birmingham children's trust to ask if its policy to fabricate responses to national reviews for the DCFS. I may also write to the DCFS and OFSTED with something along similar lines.

Further, we aim to repeat this exercise throughout England where ever an LA comes up
with such a lame excuse for a response.

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