Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Public Bill Committee Meeting

Here. Mention is made of home education at 53 mins and at 1 hour 9 mins where lawyer John Friel appears to agree with Graham Stuart that Schedule 1 is very damaging for home educated children with special educational needs, but the main body of evidence starts at 1 hour 11 mins.

UPDATE: News from EO of a DCSF Position Statement that wasn't circulated prior to the meeting. Oh honestly. It would rather suggest that the DCSF are far from confident in their arguments. It seems to be aimed at selling the Bill to MPs who have been lobbied by their constituents and naturally enough, doesn't represent the bill accurately.

And, yes according to Badman's argument, it would seem that Graham Stuart went to a better school than Graham Badman since Stuart's mathematical and logical skills are superior.


Anonymous said...

What are they doing in these meetings it just appears to be a talking shop! what is the end result of all this talking?

Anonymous said...

Chloe was amazing. Only a Home Ed child/young person could take on an officiate like Graham Badman and win! She was so articulate and never lost her cool.

Fiona T said...

I'm at 1hr 39.
The man in the red tie seems quite reasonable. Does anyone know who he is? Graham Badman '' Under european law there is not an absolute right to home educate'', says it all really doesn't it.
So far the woman from EO ( sorry ought to know name and don't) is not really doing the job I'd want her to do, being rather vague and childishly defiant. Am looking forward to hearing Chloe.

Carlotta said...

I have to say, I agree F.

Firebird said...

{snorts} I'd venture to say my 6 year-old's logical skills are superior to Badman's and she could probably give him a run for his money on maths too!

Carlotta said...

Hi Anon No. 1.

Difficult to predict eventual outcome just now, I think.

mum6kids said...

Chloe was excellent; clear and articulate. I was very disappointed in Fiona. I think she gets rattled-then really she needs to send someone else to speak for EO.
The answer to whether the LAs need to know about all EHE families is "NO they don't!" As Chloe points out later they offer nothing so what's the point?
Those of us who are registered get either nothing or a session in bullying.

Anonymous said...

ok thanks Carlotta

yes Chloe was amazing really good she showed them!
Fiona not strong enough!

Fiona T said...

Oh shes called Fiona, I really ought to have remembered that ! : ))

Fiona T said...

Just to ask again,I am very curious; who is that unusually resonable man in the red tie - anyone know?

Anonymous said...

The man in the red tie is Graham Stuart MP.
He is fervently against the HE bits of the bill and has spoken more than once in the house of commons against the Badman review I believe.
He seems to be well informed and on our side.

I have just finished watching the committee session.
When asked if it was useful for the LA to know all the HE children in its area why did Fiona Nicholson say she did not take a view.
Why not say that we feel that it should be no business of the LA to know what a parent are child are doing in their own home within the law if that family does not want them to know.
I thought Chloe was very good on this point.


scatty said...

I have to say that the European Court of Human Rights has stated that there is no absolute right to home educate, when German home educators brought cases before this court. So GB is, unfortunately, right in this regard.

Fiona T said...

Thankyou Darren,have heard of Mr Stuart, I didn't know thats what he looks like: )It makes sense now.
Thanks again.