Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amendments to the Children, Schools are Families Bill

...can be found here.


Fiona T said...

No amendment to clause 26 relating to HE yet? Is that because there won't be any, do you think , or just because they have not got round to it yet?

Carlotta said...

Yes...would be great to see amendment just to delete Clause 26 and instead sort out the Guidance on CME!

The amendments that have been made so far are all to Schedule 1...the most recent are here:


I still haven't worked out what they mean yet...must find a mo.

Fiona T said...

It seems to me, to be mostly, and interestingly, ammendments which water down the bill in regard to its promises about what schools will offer parents. Notably the ammendment to clause 1 (5) d which asks that the parent/school agreement must be signed to guarantee entrace to a school !! All the rest are mainly about changing the language from 'parent' or 'pupil guarantee' to 'entitlement', meaning of course there isn't actually an obligation to fulfill that entitlement. Lets hope we are never in the postition to be really worrying about these sections of the bill.
Also Ken Purchase a labour MP wants to get rid of the section changing the right to withdraw your child from Sex education at any age. As you probably know the bill includes a scraping of the current legislation to make it compulsary for all over 15 to have this education. If thats not social engineering, I don't know what is!

Fiona T said...

Not a scraping! A scrapping. Sorry.(four lines from bottom of my last comment)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Fiona it all looks like watering down what kids can get in school and that odd man (in raincoat no doubt) who wants little kids forced into the sexual grooming programme.
Despite 12 years of it I am still sometimes amazed at just how nasty this lot are.
Hope there are more amendments or the Lords stall it all somehow.