Thursday, January 07, 2010

Report from the APPG



Merry said...

Good to hear so many relatively supportive MP voices. Can only assume that might well spread among the ranks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Carlotta.
My that was quick work by Claire.......I can hardly get my brain round what my name is, let alone write a report on yesterdays meeting after the journey I had to get home.

The Civil Servant's name is Penny Jones-I think I mislead Claire there, as I had been given the wrong name first.

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear that several MPs (from across parties) seem to have got at least some idea of the basic problem. If LA's have a responsibility to know who is homeschooling in their area and whether they are receiving some sort of suitable education then there are many many better ways of discovering that than the one the government has chosen.

The Badman Report along with a licensing scheme which puts all the power in the hands of the LAs - the right to direct the method and content of education at home and the right to prevent home education if they see fit without adequate protection of parents rights, to say nothing of the recommendation of gross intrusion into ordinary family life is SO disproportianate as to be unbelievable. (Of of course it is more believable if bare government control is the only issue)

MPs might go up further in my estimation if I saw them contending more for the basic rights and freedoms of families in a free country- one of the most basic of which is the right of parents to direct the education of their children. This is far more important to me than issues over the economy, environment, NHS etc. Yet it is those issues that politicians think will persuade me to vote for them at the next election. No I want politicians who will give me justice and freedom and not State tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Diane Johnson said "It's about Education". Isn't that strange because the Badman report was supposed to be about safeguarding, not education.

This go-forsaken government MUST go. At least if Gordon Brown is still leader of the Labour party they will DEFINITLY lose. They really have no idea how much this man is despised!

Merry said...

I was mulling this and thinking much as anon did - my, haven't they changed their tune. Now why would that be?!?!??