Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Reading of Children, Schools and Families Bill due to happen today, Monday 11th January, some of which should be viewable here.

A letter lodging objections to the bill and signed by people such as Oliver James, Frank Furedi and Roger Scruton can be found in today's Guardian.

A number of MPs have also lodged their objections:

"That this House declines to give a Second Reading to the Children, Schools and Families Bill because it adds hugely to the bureaucratic burdens on schools and colleges without improving real opportunities and educational standards for pupils and without genuinely empowering parents; its proposals for the regulation of home education introduce powers which are excessive and risk undermining key freedoms for home educators; it fails to put in place a coherent system for delivering school improvement; its provisions on family proceedings have not been properly consulted on and do not take account of existing reforms; and it does not include much needed policies to introduce a Pupil Premium to support the education of children from disadvantaged homes or to establish a new Educational Standards Authority to restore confidence in educational standards and to reduce the extent of destabilising political interference in English education. "

All of which is right and good and thoroughly sensible. We must hope that our MPs do their utmost to reinforce this message, though the government have the procedural powers here. They will be employing the whip on this one - (yes, that's right, when reason deserts you, use coercion), and are fond of using guillotine motions to curtail debate.

The Order of Business for 11th Jan reveals that the government intends that

"proceedings in the Public Bill Committee shall (so far as not previously concluded) be brought to a conclusion on Thursday 4 February 2010."

The real fight will probably start when the bill reaches the Lords.


SisterJulia said...

I just want to thank you for being such an excellent source of information! I've been using and recommending your blog as my first point of reference for a while and just thought it was about time I said a Big Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

I second that Sister. This is the first thing I look at when I turn on the computer.


Carlotta said...

Wow...thank you Sister and Darren. Has been a roller coaster night tonight too...whoever would have thought that watching the parliamentary channel could be so gripping!