Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Anniversary of Badman Report

...EO deplores nine months of policy-based evidence making.

This contains a link to the Revised Impact Assessment which the DSCF squeaked in just in time before today's meeting of the Public Bill Committee.


Firebird said...

I don't think I can face reading it. We all KNOW it's still going to be crap. Diana keep-repeating-the-lies Johnson made it clear that they aren't listening to any criticism however well argued so it'll only have minor tweaks to remove the sort of egregious errors that even MPs who are half asleep might notice.

Carlotta said...

Only glanced at it so far, but can't really see any differences at all...so yes, I agree with everything you say, Firebird.

Barry said...

Yes, from first reading it seems as crap as the first one. Still seems to jump around with figures - 20 thousand, 80 thousand, I suppose the idea is that they can use the cost for 20 thousand to say how cheap it is, and the benefit for 80 thousand to say how wonderful they are.

Also still assumes the Midas touch that time with the local authority will exponentially increase our children's lifetime earnings, and spread goodwill across the land.

Anonymous said...

What rubbish!

And, on the basis, of a confessedly small survey (probably 20 at most!), they claim that HEed children are four times less likely to be gainfully employed or in education afterwards!! Despite much bigger studies (Meighan's I believe) showing that the outcome is the same, and from that flawed and clearly inadequate study they conclude that they somehow create lots of wealth with their scheme - as Barry remarked.


Anonymous said...

it keeps on about time with local Authorithy will help but it is the same LA officers who made our problems far worse for us and our child. that Johnson women never admits that about LA officers making out they all so wonderful! the only hop for us is our child will be 15 by march next year so hopfully we getaway from it? we feel very worried for others whose children are younger its going to be really hard to home educate.do you think they pick on under 12? or go for every one? the whole thing really stinks and seems to be taking up so much time letter wrting etc

Anonymous said...

When the's next reading I thought it was about now.

Carlotta said...

Hi Mum of 6,

The first meeting of the Public Bill Committee is today (Tues 19th), eek!

There is still some debate about date of third reading, I think...but probably any time from 22nd Feb.

Possible timetable here:


Anonymous said...

Two things jumped out at me from this impact assessment. First, in spite of an alleged 20% of home educated children receiving a so-called insufficient education, they estimate that there will only be very few SAO's issued. The other thing is that success will be measured by the number of GCSE's taken. From what I know, home educated children don't tend to do GCSE's anyway.