Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Anti-Social Behavior Orders

Have finally understood just what it is that is specifically wrong with ASBOs; and the problem was staring me in the face all along. It was in the title, stupid! The problem turns out to be that it isn't at all clear what anti-social behaviour actually is. We already have laws that cover car theft and what exactly is the purpose of this legislation?

It seems that it is one of those laws that can be used in the situation that someone just happens to irritate someone else. As a result of this legislation, you could be prosecuted for turning up at your front door in your underwear...(which is precisely what has happened to some poor sod), or doing your gardening in skimpy swimwear (ditto) or dancing with a Christmas tree in your front room without closing your curtains (ditto).

All nuts. So am now happy to file ASBOs alongside the Prevention of Terrorism Act of 2005...(suspension of habeas corpus) and the Children Act 2004 as examples of yet more appalling legislation and curtailment of liberty by this sweet-talking government.

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