Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pub Brawls

The other new experience of last night: our bunch managed to walk through a pub brawl completely unscathed. I personally routinely walk through pub brawls completely unscathed because the adrenaline/testoterone charged atmosphere speeds up time, causing me to miss what is happening until about three seconds after everyone else. In pub brawl tempo this amounts to missing about a fortnight's worth of action and during this patch it appears that nobody can be bothered to glass me.

My companion also has a similar perception of pub brawl time but his experience may be distinguished from mine by the fact that during this patch, he is punched and falls over. On this occasion he accidentally avoided the punch by pre-emptively falling over a potted plant thing.


Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself! I'm afraid we were not totally unscathed. One grunting, brawler, during a lunge forward to plant a fist in some one's face, stepped on my foot!

Carlotta said...

Oh. Guess that means we will just have to try again.