Monday, May 30, 2005

Empty Nest

I do realise that this may not appear tremendously convincing, but I swear to goodness that I've just experienced some extremely shocking pangs of empty nest syndrome. It may not appear tremendously convincing due to the fact that I wasn't actually home alone insofar as Ds and his friend were upstairs, a pal of Dh had just turned up and was watching TV in the other room, and Dh was in the garden trying to get back into the house. But it was the contrast, I think. All day the house has been bustling and then it wasn't.

So there I was, experiencing these awful twinges and coming to the considered conclusion that I absolutely must get pregnant again and where on earth had Dh got to?

As it turns out, I had only actually locked the main door. Most of the other doors were still open, so there was really no need to force the kitchen window.

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