Sunday, May 01, 2005

Day Care and Reduced Risk of Leukaemia

Just in case there are any parents of newborns out there who think that they must now send their tiny tots to rot in day care just so they can reduce the miniscule chance that the babes will develop acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, DON'T. It isn't necessary. Just get yourselves along to your local Home Ed group. Most likely you can stay all day and get infections from all over the age spectrum as well!,31552.asp

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Anonymous said...

guess who has already told me that this article is why a mother should work and not look after her child! I pointed out that this was not a logical conclusion... but, predictably perhaps, the person was determined that no other conclusion could be reached

Sadly too many people have mauvaise foi and use any evidence, however loosely linked, to back up theories which are fundamentally selfish.