Saturday, May 21, 2005


Hesfes 2005...

JM...."We borrowed it from her while she was asleep"(His mother to me..."stop it, don't encourage him".)

My sister (who has a home near HESFES) has kept a photo of a collection of the family from a previous visit which she has hung in the hallway to scare the gasman. Tbh, it looks as if the adults have been let out for the day and have been given very temporary and closely supervised charge of some poor children. My brother-in-law (normally, I may point out, a strikingly good-looking bloke), has a plaster stuck to his forehead and a demonic expression which for all the world makes him look as if he is recovering from a recent lobotomy. He also rather looks as if he is leaning over and pinching my bum. I have the sort of expression you would expect to see on a very pissed off 5 year-old.

LM..."I just cannot listen to anything to do with Pokemon. My sons have talked to me about it for 8 years now, but I can only remember the lead character's name...what is it? Kaa...Poo...Oh, well...whatever. You can bet your life, though, that when an HE adult walks past, I'll suddenly pay attention...but when they've gone, it's "Oh, please, shut up will you!"

Ds...on being at HESFES and mother suddenly and completely unprecedentedly turning into pinball wizard, very uneasily..."This doesn't make sense". He felt alot better when we left the pub a few minutes later and I did the old 'looking forwards whilst driving backwards' routine.

Abiding images:

JK: carrying baby and toddler uphill in same sling, whilst jollying along another four under 9's and a 43 year old.

Dd, 3, on being told to stop doing forward flips into swimming pool, staring wide-eyed at interlocutor, completely ignoring instruction and doing precisely that all over again and again...

Breathtaking walks over cliffs. Have finally managed this as result of Dh joining us for 3 days.

Seeing MF's beautiful face for first time in 6 years and feeling totally overcome with how good everything really is.

SP singing so beautifully.

JP as Jackass...running for a good 400 yards along a field, with elegant but nonetheless very fast strides, smack into a shed and lying face down in grass for 10 mins, much to consternation of elderly inhabitants of the caravan site, who clearly had no idea what was going on.

LM: I've taken to loading random lumps of mud into the back of my car in the hope that they may contain something valuable.

Sadly cannot report any DH jokes as they are all filthy and not in the HESFES sense.

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