Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back to Normal

Phew, I have to say that is a bit of relief. He's finally gone. The strain of living with an downright gorgeous 20 year old, straight As, economics undergraduate and one of the best young golfers in the UK was beginning to tell.

It all started badly with me opening the door to what I imagined to be our postman who has long since got used to us, but there instead was W - Dh's younger brother. He didn't bat an eyelid at my dust-covered gardening T-shirt and the crinkled pyjama bottoms. It was only later that I also realised that the top part of me resembled nothing other than Batman's Joker on a bad day since I'd earlier lent my face to Dd for face paint applications. I still haven't established to my own satisfaction whether W didn't mention this fact out of habitual courtesy, or whether he simply fully expected our home to be constituted of mad-looking bag-lady types and children wearing little other than swimming goggles and grass-stains.

W then insisted on helping out with various jobs in the garden, which inevitably meant that he completely distracted everyone around him by taking off his shirt. A succession of mother friends have visited and have blatantly left their children unsupervised in the pool, whilst their attention has been distracted.

One very good thing has come of all this. Dh and his bf who has also been staying, have suddenly started to do an extra lap round the top field, and making the extra mile on the rowing machine! The competitive edge has been a definite plus point of W's stay, as has the amount of extra golfing practice that everyone has put in. With the extra coaching, Ds's chipping is now excellent... about 70% to the green on last count and his long game isn't bad either. Also, lots of cricket practice too...

What am I saying! Come back W!

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Becky said...

What a wonderful laugh with my morning coffee -- thank you, Carlotta!