Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I.D cards Good for a Laugh

Have spent the last week dutifully handing out No2ID leaflets from our local No2ID rep to everyone I know. I thought I was probably wasting my time preaching to the converted, but it turns out that on occasion I wasn't. Some people are still not convinced that the cards will either turn us into a police state or will be a huge white elephant; others are yet to give their minds to the matter at all. Our rep tells me that he has heard from only two other people in the whole county, and this after publishing articles and letters in most of the local newspapers. Hmmm.

Words like apathy, sleepwalking, vigilance and liberty keep springing to mind but perhaps this would get people going.


Anonymous said...

Hi Carlotta,

With a bad internet connection I'm afraid I can't see the link. Could you summarise what is in it or indicate a straightforward html version?

Julie said...

This is it I think

Carlotta said...

Meant to thank you for the link Julie. Great stuff.

Sorry about the download problem, anonymous. It is very hard to give a reasonable impression of what this link entails. Music hall doggy songsters verbosely taking the piss doesn't really do it justice.