Wednesday, August 10, 2005

HE a Threat to School Monopoly

Just when it's more than reasonable to despair of the idea that anything even vaguely interesting on the subject of HE could possibly appear in a non-specialist paper, a nicely snappy article from The Conservative Voice.

Sadly, it is all about HEing in the States. Bring on the day when we can seriously say that Home Education challenges the UK state education monopoly.


Becky said...

Some good points from Mr. Tabor but one has to consider the source -- conservative claptrap lol -- with many if not most US homeschoolers tending to be conservative, evangelical Christians.

A good many hs graduates end up attending Patrick Henry College, , which in turn has sent many graduates to the Bush White House. And which by the way is the focus of this recent article,

Alright, Carlotta, I've gone down an entirely different rabbit trail here lol.

P.S. I laughed at Tabor's "sir" vs. "dude" comment. Recently my 4.5yos was called "dude" by another boy, which he later told me, near tears, he hated. I must be doing something right...

Carlotta said...

You're right. There will only really be a threat to schooling monopoly when there is a genuine appreciation of the potential for difference between HE and school education.

It is doubtful whether Tabor has appreciated this himself, I would guess.