Thursday, August 18, 2005

Summer School

The past two weeks seem to have left me with the impression that all I have actually done is struggle to put Dd's armbands on and off, but when I come to think about it, we have also amongst other things: canoed, quad-biked, skateboarded, ridden Benny, watched the carnival, gone to select bits of a music festival, (the African percussion group combined with the seshion musicians were not to be missed), gone for a late-night scare-your-pants-off walk in the woods, go-carted, helped at a BBQ, made concrete in a mixer, built some stone steps, helped to clear up friend's burnt-out house, picked up an enormous amount of plums and donated boxes of these to friends, visited the ruins of a colliery, spotted a goshawk and a kingfisher, gone for a ride on a walzer with a sweet-faced blonde pal who earned extra spins and as a result have been unable to walk to quite some time afterwards, had smart meals in, smart meals out, plaster-casted, marble painted, made origami birds, waffles, pizza, and a dahl, played golf, football, cricket and card games, added to Lego City, played Sims, Alien Hominid and Age of Mythology, trampolined, and invented a dance school. In the course of all this we have seen a large number of childrens' friends.

Whatever the weather does from now on, it has felt like a proper summer.


Sarah said...

goodness, can I send my kids to be educated at your house please?!! Sounds as though you have had a fantastic summer.

Carlotta said...

It is extraordinary how much it seems we do actually get up to when it's all put down like that. Having said that, I did think we were having an exceptionally busy fortnight and we've rather collapsed this week, only really fully resurfacing today in order to visit a farm park, which we really enjoyed.

Incidentally, have convinced sister who part-lives in Dorset that HE is a good idea. I've formed the fixed impression that this not far from you, and if this is the case, may well be calling on your services in this regard!